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Love Without Rules (2016)

Year : 2016 Director : Dmitry Astrakahn Running Time : 1h 30min Genre :
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Sinopsis: Las esposas de la ciudad de Zarechensk a menudo se niegan a hacerlo con sus maridos. Cuando este problema alcanza al mismísimo alcalde, éste, con la complicidad del millonario pariente de su esposa, decide crear un “Centro de Salud” ubicado del otro lado del río que atraviesa la ciudad. Para la atención de los “pacientes”, el millonario decide contratar a las más hermosas señoritas de Moscú, especialmente entrenadas para complacer a los hombres. Obviamente, vendrá la reacción de las esposas de Zarechensk


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Synopsis: The wives of the city of Zarechensk often refuse to do so with their husbands. When this problem reaches the mayor himself, this, with the complicity of his wife’s millionaire relative, decides to create a “Health Center” located on the other side of the river that runs through the city. For the attention of the “patients”, the millionaire decides to hire the most beautiful girls from Moscow, specially trained to please the men. Obviously, the reaction of the wives of Zarechensk

The city Zarechensk wife often denied their husbands. When the problem is covered, and the mayor, Sergey did not suffer, and began to act. With his wife’s relatives, the local oligarchy, they decide to restructure built on the opposite bank of the river in the sanatorium “wellness center”. What businessman invites trained “medical personnel” of the capital. And now the other side of the river boat moored with cute, young and very professional “nurse” and “nurses”. Armed with binoculars Zarechensky wife meticulously considered rivals. And that same husband? Wearing ceremonial suits and ties, they sit in a boat and within minutes find themselves on the other side, among the young, beautiful, flexible and not bitchy girls. Other rules or vice versa, love without rules?


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